Being a JPCS member means you got yourself a family you can call in your university life. You have the access to a lot of exciting stuff JPCS can offer.

Batch 64 Member Registration

Exclusive perks

Learning never stops! JPCS brings you the latest, informative webinars with speakers sharing their expertise in their industry. 

As a member, you have the access to the wide-variety of network which can help you excel from your career as ICT professional.

Connections and Opportunities

The ever-expanding family of the organization includes members and alumni who are working or affiliated with various industries and companies.

Being a member of the organization nodes you up in this wide network of technology and computer enthusiasts!

Internal Events, Activities, and Team Buildings

Ultimate Bonding Experience (UBE), Team Building, Amazing Race, Sportsfest, E-Sportsfest, Group Studies and other Internal Activities! What more could you ask for?

JPCS offers a wide variety of internal activities exclusive for members only which are enjoyable, interacting, and educational.

JPCS-MU Leadership Immersion

The organization does not only focus on technological skills but also on the leadership skills of its members.

By being a member, you have an all-access pass to the organization’s Leadership Immersion where you will find out what the different officers do to make the organization successful.

Right to Vote

Membership also entitles you to your right to vote during the organizational elections held every two (2) terms. Exercising your right to vote is one way of showing support and dedication to the organization.

As a member, you have full access to the organization’s virtual tambayan through Discord. Interact, learn, and enjoy through the different text and voice channels integrated with helpful bots to make socialization as close to you as possible.