This is event is hosted by UP Circuit in partnership with JPCS Mapúa.

Welcome to the annual gathering of the country's top students and professionals in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering!

The UP Circuit is a duly recognized non-profit student organization from the University of the Philippines Diliman that embodies the university's core values of Honor and Excellence to conduct greatness, rectify character, and amplify skills and aptitudes. With over 700 resident members and alumni spanning across the organization's 27 years of existence, UP Circuit is composed of individuals with a diverse set of skills working towards a common goal of reaching greater heights.

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SquEEEze is the only national intercollegiate Electrical and Electronics Engineering quiz show in the Philippines and as such, it aims to provide an exhilarating and holistic learning opportunity for both college and high school students from different regions across the country. Now in its 24th year, in spite of the challenges faced due to the pandemic, SquEEEze continues to bring a set of events that will engage more excitement and challenge for a wider audience.

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