Chatbots 101: The Art of Conversing with Computers

This is a webinar on how to create your very own AI-powered Chatbot with the help of our esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Patrick Ian Co.

Join us as he demonstrates how to build a software app that can simulate intelligent conversations with users by taking in regular human language input and providing relevant and accurate responses. Learn how Chatbots continue to revolutionize customer service experience by delivering quick, actionable and human-like engagement to the users through messaging apps, websites and other mobile apps.

Mark the date,

April 10, 2021 (4:30 - 6:00 PM)

This webinar is free of charge and open to all. Free certificates will be given to Mapúan students.

Mr. Patrick Ian Co is an Information Technology graduate of University of Santo Tomas and is currently an Application Developer. He is an experienced Chatbot Developer with 3 years of experience from ChatbotPH.

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Note: Attendees that are currently enrolled in Mapúa University are required to complete an evaluation form to be eligible to receive certificates. Click here to learn more.